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 Recent Activities



18 & 19 November 2002: DVD-Project


On the 18th and 19th of November the Kimberley Literacy Project came to Ngalangangpum School! The aim of this project, which also runs in other schools in the Kimberley, is to link Literacy with community strength in the Arts. A team of six visited the school for two days. On day 1 a traditional brolga dance was carried out by the children and elders and recorded on camera. Below you can see some photos that were made this day.


On the right: The elders helped with painting the children.

On the left: All painted up, waiting for the sign to start dancing!  





They all did very well. The earth started moving on the rhythm of their feet.

Definitely: some kids to be very proud of!!

The next day, the kids made, together with the people from the DVD-project, a new song. It goes as follows:

Wadanany Ju Wangkarnal
Dreamtime story for Warmun Hills
Language of the Kija people
Ngalangangpum they can show us the way
Middle Camp, Top Camp, Bottom Camp
Garden Area, Other Side
Painting, fishing, making spear
Swimming, make shang eye
We go hunting, bush la car
Julambainy, girriy, fish
Sugar bag, mulbra, boab nut
Hunting with the family
Norton Bore, Marsh Fly, Texas Downs
Bow River, Mistake Creek
Osmon Valley, Wuniper Springs
Argyle, Crocodile Hole
Best time here is rainy time
Make the river full up
Bush fruit, presents, Christmas time
Play football and basketball
Reading, education, culture too
We are blessed with smoke
Good for learning at our school
From our teachers and old people


Earlier this year, the children in year 3/4 dressed up like animals from the jungle. Look at the photos! 

From left to right, top:
* Codie is a cheetah
* Keldina is a giraffe
* Lochlan is a lion
* Morris is a zebra
* Graham is a tiger