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The Aims of Ngalangangpum School

Pilij nginitja
nawarra nginitja

 Mary of Warmun - statue made by George Mung Mung in 1983

She found Him
and grew Him up
and she is the Mother



The school community aims to guide and support its students in acquiring knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

* Catholic beliefs and practices
* walking the Ngapuny way
* their past heritage and Aboriginal culture
* the culture and language of the Warmun community
* rights and obligations
* their own potential
* practices that promote personal growth and well being
* colloboration and respect

* leisure time use
* contributions of all cultural and religious groups within Australia
* standard Australian English
* mathemetical processes
* the culture and societies of other countries
* aspects of the natural and technological environment
* ways of finding and using information
* the importance of making informed choices
* various means of communication
* artistic and cultural achievements


The school community aims to assist students to develop the ability to:

* implement practices that promote health and well being (keep clean, healthy and fit; coordinate and use their senses effectively; strengthen fine and gross motor coordination; participate confidently in play and games; plan a balanced diet)
* use social skills in life situations
* resolve conflict
* accept constructive criticism
* communicate their faith
* prepare and participate in prayer and liturgy
* observe, record and organise information

* make decisions or choices
* listen to and speak standard Australian English
* read, write and comprehend standard Australian English
* use their creativity and appreciate the creative endeavours of others
* be critical in their appreciation and interpretation of mass media
* listen to and speak Kija
* read and write in Kija
* use traditional bush knowledge
* carry out basic mathematical processes 
* understand local, national and international events
* care for their environment
* use different forms of technology


The school community seeks to assist students to:

*develop a personal relationship with Ngapuny
* appreciate the value of Jesus, especially, compassion, love and reconciliation
* appreciate Ngapuny time as the gathering of the Catholic faith community
* maintain, value and strengthen family and community links
* own their behaviour and cooperate with responsible leadership and appropriate authority at home, community and school levels
* appreciate that all people have the right to equal respect and acceptance


* achieve a quality of life in relation to culture and self
* develop self-acceptance and respect
* value education
* think critically, search for the truth and clarify their personal values
* achieve personal best in all undertakings, using their gifts and talents
* appreciate the contribution of themselves and others in the wider world
* develop awareness of the interdependence of all elements of the environment
* respect the natural and cultural heritage of Australia and in particular the Kija culture


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