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 Ngalangangpum School - 2005




Principal’s Report 2005

CHOICES:  Education gives your children choices.  This calendar shows some of the ways the teachers have been working hard in 2005 to help your children be educated in a happy and safe place.





TEACHERS:   We had three new teachers start at Ngalangangpum School this year, Sir Tom, Miss Yvette and Miss Alexia.  Miss Jocelyn left at the end of Term one to help care for her Mother in Derby.Sir Tom left at the end of Term two and Miss Maureen left at the end of Term three.  Mr John Spark helped tutoring the children for two terms and Mrs Julie Spark helped with lots of things around the school.  We were happy to have Ms Cath back and we welcomed Miss Sara.  Ms Cynthia came for term 4.

COMMUNITY WORKERS:  Again we have been blessed with our school workers, Eileen, Jane, June, Rose, Kitty, Cecilia, Alec, Katie with a variety of helpers, and now Michelle.  Dolorosa came at the end of term three and Leanne came in term four.  Both are a great help in the classroom and with getting children to school.   Polly helped us on special occasions as did Shirley and other elders.

 KIJA:  Eileen and the teachers worked with Kindy to year 5s teaching language and culture through lessons and bush-trips.

BOW RIVER:  Cecilia and Kitty worked together to make sure the children from Bow River could get to school everyday.  They were helped by Gordon Barney, Richard Thomas, Rosemary Daylight and Chocolate Thomas.  Only a few times did the teachers help with driving the children home.

 CATHOLIC EDUCATION:  We welcomed Father Mark. We’ve had Baptisms and a Wedding.  It was good to have Father Mark visit the school regularly.  We raised $620 for Project Compassion.

 SPECIAL PROGRAMS:  The Station Skills program happened for terms two and three.  The school organised for TAFE to provide a computer course for the High School students and during the second half of the morning for the Teaching Assistants and School Workers.  Argyle Diamond Mine assisted by having the High School Students visit twice a term to study a particular job that contributes to the total mine production.   Don Major continued to take Mechanics each Friday. 

Sr Jennifer ran a program for young mums called Strong Kids

Ms Cynthia came to give the children the wonderful experience of dance.  She has helped children Dance some Dreaming Stories and learn about different kinds of dance. 

 KIMBERLEY CATHOLIC SCHOOLS LITERACY INITIATIVE:   2005 saw the continuation of developing the reading initiative that had all classes focussing on Reading activities every morning.  In the third term this focus moved to include writing.  Students were tested so that the teachers had a clearer picture about what each child needs to help them get better at reading and writing.  Reading Books were organised in levels.  The CEO consultants were helpful by visiting and guiding the teachers with this work.  Showcasing and visiting other schools helped with putting the new strategies in place.  Teachers were also in-serviced in the revised First Steps Reading.

In 2006 we will be one of six schools who will be using the National Accelerated Literacy Program.  Teachers will get lots of help from the CEO Consultants in Broome.  You will hear more about this next year.  Also there will be a focus on Maths and Teachers will be using Teleconferencing, Power Point programs, computers and other strategies to learn more about teaching Maths.  Teachers will be taking part in the First Steps Maths program.

 WALNA:  This year none of the Year 7s did the Government Education Tests.  These tests are important because they tell the government what extra help your children need.  All the children in years 3, 5, 7and 9 are expected to do these tests. The tutoring program that Ms Cath does helps the students to do better with their reading or spelling tests.  Next year we will need to look at the maths tests too.

KITCHEN:  We had to put an alarm in the Kitchen because hungry big kids were breaking in and taking the food.  Katie had different helpers during the year.   The diabetes program has helped us be aware of good food and we now use wholemeal or multigrain bread for sandwiches.  Next year we’ll look at some other ideas to give the children good food to keep them healthy. 

 AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE IN ABORIGINAL CATHOLIC EDUCATION:  This year Cecilia Thomas received an award for 15 year of service to Catholic Schools.  Betty Carrington won the Community Member State Award for her help at school, giving wise advice, getting her children to school, keeping them safe, coming to meetings, getting the Holy Place ready every week and being a member of the Church Leadership Team.  Congratulations to both.

 The photos in the calendar show some of the visitors and special events that are part of our school year.  Uniforms have now been introduced to the 6/7s and High School. 

 ASSPA has gone but we have Parent School Partnership Initiatives.  ASSPA gave us $23,000 based on the number of children PSPI has given us $43,000 for two years and this is based on programs.  These included, healthy food, uniforms, computer course, Station Skills, attendance incentives and ways to help children get better at reading, writing and numbers. 

PRINCIPAL REVIEW:  In July some visitors came to check up on the school for Registration and to see if I was doing a good job.  Thank you for coming and answering their questions.  There were some things I was told to do like getting a few policies finished, show everybody how the money from the budget is spent, (see the enclosed page), and make the teachers aware of the money that is available for their teaching in the classroom and planning other projects.

 MEETINGS:  Thank you to those who came to the meetings we had to organise the school year and make decisions about things that happen - new toilets, shade over basketball courts and kitchen upgrade.

 THANK YOU:  To all the teachers for the time, ideas, planning, organising and everything else it takes to make a happy, successful year.  Sir Rocca has done a lot of work keeping the computers working, getting new ones and helping the teachers when there were problems with the network.    Sr Theresa who helps with Ngapuny Time, helping keep the school and community connected, knowing so many people and their connections, helping us with who belongs to which family and lots of other things.  Srs Nellie and Frances at Mirrilingki for their support and the volunteers generous help in the classrooms and with catering.  The CDEP workers have emptied the bins all year, for helping with mowing, putting up the flag pole and other jobs.  The Staff at the Art Centre, the Community Office, the Clinic (it was a lot of work when the nurses weren’t living in the community), the Store and the Roadhouse, thank you for your support and help. 

 Sr Liz is going back to South Australia.  I thank her on your behalf for all the work in getting your children away to boarding school .  Miss Emma is going to Wyndham, Miss Alexia to Kununurra and Miss Sara to Palm Island.  Thank you to each of you and the contribution you made to the school community by generously sharing your gifts in helping the children with their education.  We wish you every blessing for all that the future may hold. 










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