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 Ngalangangpum School - 2006




Principal’s Report 2006 - Part 1

"Embracing the diversity of the Earth and all its People"

I acknowledge and respect that this is Kija country with its special ancient culture and tradition.

The school year began with a wonderful wet season. The Creek had flooded a couple of times and the grass and plants were thriving.

It was again a very busy year and I want to thank all the school staff and helpers for making the school a happy, safe learning environment. Each of the classrooms was a show piece in displaying the work of the students. Congratulations and thank you to all the teachers for your part in helping the School Community learn and develop.

We welcomed the new teachers, Liz Butcher for Kindy/PrePrimary, Alida Cowan for years 4/5, Imogen Thompson for year ones, Leanne Mahy for High School and Jo Filippini as music teacher, REC and administration assistant.

Max Butcher came half way through term one and has been an invaluable school worker. He has extended the reticulation, fixed many things like the garbage bin lids, the kitchen hot water system and troopy tyres, he has replaced termite eaten skirting boards and window frames, built the computer room benches, just to name a few things.

Peter Cowan you all would know for his photography. He has helped Alida with many things like driving the children on bush trips and rewards, cooking and cleaning in the classroom and keeping some stories in the Kimberley Profile.


The old man who died a little while ago believed that education was very important for everyone.

Remember how he worked when the school first started 27 years ago and how he helped teach the Jesus stories to the children at school? Before he could do that he was strong in his own education about his family and his country. This gave him the courage to speak up. He said, "I didn’t learn about my country and my painting from school. My granny and grandfather taught me how to paint.”

Grannies, parents, guardians and carers have a very important job to help their children grow to be strong, good educated citizens.


Education gives us choices.

We are sad that this wise good man has gone but we can keep his spirit alive by following what he believed. He always talked about two way. Two way education, two way understanding of Ngapuny, Jesus and the Ngarrangkanni

In a real two way education we need to help each other teach our children what helps them to know who they are, where they come from and what they have to do to be good community people. That old man said, “I used to paint stories to teach the kids in the school. I used to teach the kids through my painting. I still teach people today through my painting.”

We must remember that we teach each other and now not only with paintings but with computers, interactive white boards, data projectors, DVDs, ipods and lots of other equipment.

Principal’s Report 2006 - Part 2










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