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 Ngalangangpum School - 2006




Principal’s Report 2006 - Part 2

CURRICULUM: This year we started a new way of teaching reading, understanding reading, spelling and writing stories with a program called Accelerated Literacy. The teachers had help from the consultants in Broome, PD in Halls Creek with teachers from other schools. You may have noticed the interesting stories the children are writing. We thank Mrs Alida for coordinating the staff in this new learning and teaching area. We have together grown as professional learners.

Part of the new literacy program is testing the children in the first and fourth term. It was encouraging to see the improvement in many of the children especially those who come to school every day. But in some cases it was sad to see that some were away so often or moving from one place to another that they found the tests too hard and didn’t show much improvement.

AWARDS : The children who are the most improved in reading this year are:

PP Cassandra Cox, Yr One Davina Malgil, Yr 2/3 Katie Mosquito, Yr 4/5 Daimon Patrick,

Yr 6/7 Thomas Pinday and High School Coralee Johnson and Graham Juli.

Congratulations to these children and all the students who have been working hard to improve their skills. A special thank you to the Grannies, parents, carers who like the old man said; teach your children the good things about life. Getting your children to school every day isn’t easy but it is very important. It is hard to see now but later when the children get older they will be able to help the community more if they are educated - two way.

COMMUNITY STAFF: The Community workers are a huge help in keeping the school a happy and safe place for learning: Katie and sometimes Davina along with a variety of other helpers from time to time in the kitchen, Nicholas in the grounds and driving, Lucinda at reception with JJ. Gordon for driving to collect the children at Bow River and his helpers – Norman, Kitty, Patrick and others. Eileen, Leanne and Jane help with the important job of guiding the teachers, telling them about families and the community, teaching culture and language in informal ways. A special thank you to all these workers and the ATAs we had at the beginning of the year.

LIAISON : A special mention for the work done by Leanne; she gets a lot of cheek at times in trying to get the children to school but she keeps going because she really cares for all the children. Leanne has helped you the community and the school by being like a bridge. She helps sort out problems, like getting kids to the clinic with a family member, talking straight, sorting out arguments, helping students understand school behaviour, helping teachers and parents to understand each other as well as getting important messages to everyone.

As Principal, Leanne has been invaluable with her advice and suggestions guiding and teaching me, wanting the best for the students and the community.


PSPI : Parent School Participation Initiative projects have attracted $57,000 for July ‘05 to June ‘07. Books in the Home to encourage reading at home and for camps are over two years with, fruit, healthy food, uniforms, prizes for attendance and catering for parent functions continue to be part of the project. The visitors all comment on how good the children look in their uniforms.


A highlight for me this year was the First Communion celebration on Holy Thursday followed by Confirmation at Pentecost. Congratulations to the Community for the celebration that marked these very important experiences for the children. It was the first time for ten years that we had a Confirmation celebration in Warmun.

Bishop Christopher was encouraged and proud of the way you all participated making it a special occasion. Remember that the Bishop told us that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are to be used and he told us that they are like a bike you don’t keep it locked up in the shed but get on it and ride it, so you must use the gifts of the Holy Spirit that are in you.

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