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Ngalangangpum School 2002 - main building 
Ngalangangpum School is located in Warmun Aboriginal Community, halfway between Halls Creek and Kununurra in the remote East Kimberley region of Western Australia. With a fluctuating population of over 400 people, this is one of the biggest Aboriginal communities in Western Australia. The majority of its residents are members of the Kija language group.

The school was established in May 1979 in answer to a direct request from the Warmun Community, whose members wanted to be in more control of the education of their children. The community decided upon a Two-Way school based on the Catholic belief. A Community School Board was formed which continues to be responsible for the school policy. The school started as a primary school and was extended with secondary classes in 1990. Nowadays it has got 100 students on the roll.

The term Two-Way learning has in subsequent years been identified as the philosophy of education out of which all Catholic schools in the Kimberley operate. Traditional aspects of education are recognised and given status equal to that of other curriculum subjects. In this way students can learn to value both traditions. The aim is to equip them with a type of education that can help them to cope with the pressures of modern living, without losing their cultural identity.

Ngalangangpum School encourages the involvement of community members in the teaching of traditional culture and beliefs. In the early years this involvement was very strong. Nowadays the daily teaching of the Kija language remains a significant part of the school curriculum. Elders attend the school on a less regular basis to teach the children traditional painting and dancing, to tell them stories and to take them out on bush trips. The knowledge that is gained from these experiences is often used for the production of books, that are sometimes written down in a Two-Way fashion.




Mary of Warmun

 Great emphasis is placed upon religious education, the Ngapuny way, through the school community. In dialogue with the community, the school endeavours to integrate Aboriginal culture and Catholic faith and life. Aspects of the religious education program are expressed on special occasions, such as Good Friday, Easter, Pentecost, Mother and Child Day, Christmas and the welcome and blessing of new staff members.

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